Saturday, March 01, 2008

"For Gods' sake, what is happening in this country?" Warning; strong language.

Those are the words of Lorraine Long, the head of the Medical Error Action Group (MEAG). I wouldn't be so polite.

Emerging news of possibly one of the most horrific incidences of ongoing medical malpractice and abuse at the hands of a doctor. This is so disgusting, I'm at a loss for words, I'm so angry.

Watch the spokesman (read Spin Doctor) for the Medical Board. You can see he knows there has been a major screw-up, but he isn't concerned with the monsters' victims. He's trying to measure his replies so as to not tarnish the reputations of the Medical Review Board. To my mind, this makes him as culpable as the creature performing the abuse.

Something is terribly wrong with the system, that's painfully obvious. And we need to make sure that all parties, from the so-called doctor right up to the New South Wales Minister for Health, are held to account. More than just the doctors' head needs to roll, and instead of the Medical Review Board worrying about preserving their own hides, how about they focus on saving the skins of the people at the mercy of this creature and others like him.

How the fuck can something like this happen in this country?


Gina E. said...

Pete, I'm glad you wrote this. I heard Neil Mitchell talking about it on 3AW the other week, but not reading newspapers, or seeing TV news much lately, I had no idea what he was talking about.
So good on you for writing this, but you shouldn't keep it to yourself. Why don't you email/post suitably edited versions to newspapers, magazines, other website forums?

Crookedpaw said...

I'm sure my voice would just be one in the chorus. Anything I've said here will have been said a thousand times by a thousand different people. To add my voice will just worsen the clamour.