Friday, June 26, 2009


Upheaval in the Crookedpaw household last night, as I came home to discover we had been burgled! Drawers and cupboards riffled through, their contents tossed on the floor. A possibility I may have just missed the bastard/s.

They took some cash and decimated S's jewellery - some valuable in a monetary sense, all of it priceless sentimentally. Strangely, they left other things untouched. Nothing electrical - TV's, videos, digital cameras, computers, etc - was taken. Nor were any CD's or DVD's. And our little furry person, Matilda, was unharmed.

Of course, our concern now is that they may try a return visit as they've seen what we've got. We will be talking to the neighbours, asking them to keep an eye out over the next few days. Meantime, security will be enhanced. And over the next three weeks or so, we'll be visiting the local Cash Converters stores on the off chance of spotting some of S's jewellery. Some of it is very unique and distinctive.

S is staying home from work today, awaiting a call from detectives, and we are studiously avoiding touching many of the smooth drawer surfaces the invader/s obviously touched, in the hopes they may have left a fingerprint or three.

I know, compared to others, what happened to us was minor, but that doesn't negate the feelings of helplessness, anger and the sense of being physically violated. And, quite frankly, my feelings toward the person/s responsible for these emotions are somwhat less than charitable.

And should I catch them ...